Our Services



At this time I offer drop-in visits and dog walking services at your home so that they can have potty breaks and exercise while you are busy with your day and they can stay in the security of their home and surroundings. This helps keep their stress level down and they stay much happier. I currently do not walk after dark due to safety reasons.

 To Schedule and request appointments

  • Dog Walking per 30-minute sessions. Additional dog fees apply.
  • Drop-In Services per 30 minutes session to feed, potty, play, and a small walk. Additional dog fees apply.
  • Boarding :You must currently be a walking/drop-in client for boarding. It is a 24-hour service done at my house. I have a large yard with an 8′ privacy fence. I myself have an escape artist so it is a secure backyard. You will provide the kennel or dog bed along with your dog’s food. One family at a time for the most enjoyable stay. Additional dog fees apply.

Required Vaccinations

These are required for all services!


  • Rabies (proof of rabies for all dogs 16 weeks or older)
  • *Bordetella (The bordetella vaccine will prevent Kennel cough. It is required boarding.)